Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Daily Rewards & Activities (List)

Don’t miss out on any rewards! There are a lot of places and activities that give our free stuff every day. I’ve compiled a list for you, you might already know about some, but maybe you’ll discover something new. You can use this as your daily checklist to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind.

1. New Student Sign-In (Login Bonus)

New Student Sign-In

Rewards: Silver/Golden Keys, Legendary Card, Outfits, Echo crystals, Trade Tokens, Potions, Gems
Where: Season Events

You can get a bonus reward just for sign-in into the game. Everyday you can pick up your rewards and after 7 days you’ll get a random Legendary card.

After your first week of playing will be over, you’ll gain access to the new sign-in page with a month-worth of rewards with a special reward waiting for you at the end of it.

Sign In Bonuses

2. Daily Items (Shop)

Daily items

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Cards, Echos, Echo crystals, Trade Tokens, Ingredients + Buyable Legendary Card
Where: Shop

Everyday you can go to the Shop and claim your free items with just one click. The items refresh every morning at 5 am.

It is also worth it to check what cards are sold for gold and gems, you might discover a card you need for cheap. As in the image, I needed the legendary Hermione Card and the price of 20k Gold wasn’t much, so I bought it. You can buy one of these cards every 14 days. If the price is too high for you, you can click it anyway and continue with paying with Gems (exchanging Gems for Gold).

The shopable items can be refreshed once for free – make sure to use that option to reveal different cards for sale. You can refresh two more times after that, for 100 and 300 Gold. Consider if that is worth it to you, I usually do it up to the 100 Gold refresh.

And since you’ll already in the store, check our if you don’t have any unclaimed keys in Magical Studies category and if you have enough Thank You Notes for exchange too.

3. Flying Car in Forbidden Forest

Flying car with rewards in the Forbidden Forest

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Cards, Echo crystals, Ingredients
Where: Forbidden Forest

The flying Ford Anglia collects items in forbidden forest for you. All you have to do is come collect it every day. Futher in the forest adventure you are (completed Solo Explorations), the more rewards it will collect for you, and with less time needed (faster). It has a maximum capacity after which it stops finding items for you, that is why it is important to claim your reward regularly.

If you don’t see the car yet, you need to start Solo Explorations in Forbidden Forest.

4. Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Pass Points, Cards, Silver/Golden Keys
Where: Professor in charge of the daily tasks for the week (or Tasks list)

Go to the professor in charge (on the screenshot Headmistress McGonnagal, but it is different every week) to receive 4 daily tasks to complete. These offer great rewards and push you further in the game. The daily tasks refresh every morning at 5 am, so you have a time until then to receive and finish the tasks before getting new ones. If you manage to make a streak and finish all tasks in the 7 days, you get an extra reward.

Daily tasks also give Pass Points that count toward Seasonal Pass (Magic Pass Event).

5. Season Events

Season Events

Rewards: Everything and anything possible in the game
Where: Season (button)

Don’t miss out on any rewards from Events, make sure you click the Season button on main screen and check if you collected all the rewards or to see if there is any new event.

6. Season Tasks

Season Tasks

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Cards, Echo crystals, Silver/Golden Keys
Where: Tasks List / Season

Check out for any unfinished tasks and unclaimed rewards in the Season Tasks tab. You might have finished some without noticing. There is limited time to finish these.

7. Magic Pass

Magic Pass

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Cards, Echo crystals, Trade tokens, Coupons, Silver/Golden Keys, Outfits, Potions, Ingredients
Where: Magic Pass (button)

Click the Magic Pass button on your main screen and check for any unclaimed rewards. If you forget you will get those in in-game mail after the season ends, but you might like to have these immediately to advance faster in the game.

Points are obtained by finishing daily tasks, you have 50 levels of rewards to claim.

8. Achievements


Rewards: Collectionable (furniture, paintings, stickers), Cards, Gold
Where: Space (My Space / Room)

Collect rewards for finishing tasks and collecting stuff. You can find collections in your space by clicking on the blue book of achievements.

These rewards are somewhat hidden as you have to know where to open the achievements book in your space, so check if you don’t have unclaimed rewards there. Or if there are some simple achievements for you to finish at once.

9. Attend Classes

Class Schedule

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Cards, Silver/Golden Keys
Where: Map → Today’s Classes

You can attend classes as per the class schedule: 2-3 different classes a day. On the weekend are all classes available to be taken.

By completing classes you have a chance to get rewards in the Hogwarts Exam Week. You also finish some other tasks and achievement in the process.

In game map with Classes and Hogwarts Exam Week

To be able to participate in the Hogwarts Exam Week you need to complete 30 classes and unlock Advanced classes (also comes with rewards). In the exams you get graded by your performance, better the grade, better the reward.

10. Club Adventure

Club Adventure

Rewards: Gold, Gems, Cards, Silver/Golden Keys
Where: Social Club

Visit Social Club and go to the bulletin board to enter the Club Adventure. You have 2 daily attempts to fight in the adventure. Completing is beneficial for all club members, so it’s encouraged to be finished daily – make your club members happy. All points of members are counted towards the overall goal, so even if you don’t finish the fight, the points will be counted. The stage then might be cleared by other members in the meantime.

Check for rewards daily – other members could have cleared a stage when you were offline.

11. Card Trade

Card Exchange

Rewards: Cards
Where: Social Club

Check for cards that other members need, or request for the ones you need. You might find cards you need daily for exchange of other of your unused cards. Essentially you can get free cards here.

12. Explore Hogwarts

Exploring Hogwarts for rewards

Rewards: Gold, Gems
Where: Hogwarts (all rooms and locations)

Look for shiny objects anywhere you can walk – usually a chest or vase. You will get an option to interact with the object when you walk near. It is an easy way to get Gold and Gems fast. There are usually two objects in every room.

13. Duelling


Rewards: Gold, Gems, Silver/Golden keys
Where: Map → Duelling Club

You can get up to 3 Silver/Golden Keys while duelling. Both solo and duel matches count.

Duel defeat - reward

And the good thing is, even when you suck at duelling you can still get the rewards. 🙂

And that’s it, friends. That is all the stuff you can collect daily I come across so far.

Did I miss any? Do you know some more secret rewards? Let me and the others know in the comments.

If you got to the end of this article, type in the comments your Hogwarts House. 🙂

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