Kontentsia: My Blogging Journey

Follow the journey of this blog from the start to… success? Where can I get it to reach from zero? Let’s see.

I will update this page as something interesting happens or when a milestone is hit. There will be a summary for each month as the time goes.

The journey page’s goal is to show you the blogging journey and most importantly to hopefully keep me accountable as my anxiety-related procrastination usually gets in the way of reaching my goals. Fingers crossed!

September 2020 – Planning

  • Keyword research: I’ve used all the SEO tools I could think of to run my ideas through to know which to focus on. I went through Ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, Keyword surfer, and many more.
  • Tools: So far I’ve only used Google sheets and docs for the keyword research and my favorite productivity tool ClickUp to plan out the content.
  • Content: The first content I wrote, I’ve posted close to the end of the month, so I will count it towards the October summary.

2020 – The Start

  • Domain: I purchased the domain Kontentsia.com on Namesilo. It has been lying empty for almost 2 years.
  • Hosting: It is running of cheap shared hosting, I might upgrade or change it in the future as the traffic grows and so will the requirements.
  • Social Media: Claimed all the usernames, everything starting for zero except for Pinterest. Pinterest is starting on 98 followers – I’ve created the account around the same time as the domain, so it gained few followers since then.

My terminology used on this page

Type of content

All my content ideas I have categorized under one of the three types, which are based on the complexity of the topic chosen. The three types are: guides, articles, and answer posts. It is mostly distinguished for me and the names aren’t perfect, but they are good enough for their purpose. I have different strategies for promoting and featuring these kinds of types of posts. That means that in my list of posted content I have the type as a label to be able to easily sort through them.

  • Guide: Page that covers a complex topic. There should be all possible information about the topic easily accessed from one place. Example: How to start blogging.
  • Article: Standart blog post talking about a single topic. Example: How to pick a blog name.
  • Answer post: Simple blog post answering one question. Usually, tutorials to reference in (link from) guides and articles. Example: How to Install a WordPress Theme.